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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Poem + Workshop Idea - Key Stage 1

My Dog

My dog is cuter
than a baby snuggling with a teddy bear.

My dog is naughtier
than a boy putting a rat in his teacher’s handbag.

My dog is fluffier
than a bed made out of cotton wool.

My dog is braver
than a medieval knight riding into battle.

My dog is sillier
than a clown doing a backflip with his pants down.

 My dog is funkier
than a chicken dancing to Gangnam Style.

My dog eats more
than a Tyrannosaurus at a buffet.

My dog barks louder
than the eruption of twenty volcanoes.

 But enough about that –
you should see my cat! 

Based on the ideas in the poem above, children could write their own 'exaggeration' poems using the attributes of their own (real or imagined) pets. Perhaps aided by a set of pictures placed in the centre of each table, begin by writing words to describe their animals. Once a collection of these words has been amassed, the teacher then models some sentences on the board using a couple of them. Children then have a go at using the adjectives as the basis on which to create their own sentences. It could be that each child writes a single sentence as part of a group poem, or each child could write several sentences to form their own poem.