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Friday, 11 October 2013

Catching Words - Literacy Project With Discover Children's Story Centre

I have just completed the first of eight sessions as part of the 'Catching Words' project, in association with Discover Children's Story Centre in Stratford, East London. I am working to produce poetry with Year 2 at St Antony's RC Primary School, in Newham.

I normally get a feel for a school quite quickly, and St Antony's is lovely - the teachers are dedicated, and the children enthusiastic and boisterous. Year 2 have always been one of my favourite ages to perform for, as they are old enough to understand things (and to join in during the correct parts of my poems!) but young enough that they were willing to get involved without any of the cynicism that occasionally creeps in in later years. However, sometimes with children of this age it can be a struggle to get them to be focused and productive in workshops. This was not the case today. I was impressed with the work that each child produced, and the fun they seemed to have along the way.

Today's workshop involved creating animal-based similes, which the children turned into group poems. In preparation for the workshop I wrote the children their very own poem. Here it is:

I’m Like

I’m like a cheeky monkey
When I’m standing on my head

I’m like a stubborn mule
Because I will not go to bed

I’m like a messy pig
Because my room is like a sty

I’m like a grumpy elephant
Because I sometimes cry

I’m like a dashing cheetah
When I’m darting home from school

I’m like a graceful dolphin
When I’m swimming in the pool

I’m like a lazy lion
When I’m lying in the sun

And being like an animal
Is such a lot of fun!