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Saturday, 27 June 2020


My wife is an English Teacher, and I am very honoured to be able to share the following poem, written by one of her Year 9 students, in her own time. I hope you are as impressed by Sonia's extremely powerful words as my wife and I were:

What do we have to do? By Sonia Year 9

I don't understand
What we have to do
We’ve screamed and shouted but don’t seem to cut through
The hatred and fear that these politicians hold
They only trust themselves,
don’t listen to what they’re told
Don’t listen to the screams and the sorrows
Don’t listen to the voices of tomorrow
Don’t listen to the people whose power
they have stolen, not borrowed.
I strive to understand for just one day
Understand the racism,
understand the pain
Of being judged every second of your life
Just because of your skin,
just because you’re not white.
And while the politicians try to justify
Every single lie,
try to change our minds
Everyone knows this isn’t a one-time thing
This was the tip of the iceberg,
and now it’s time to sing.
It’s time to stand with the brethren,
who have been taken to heaven
By murderers who murdered kids who were only seven-
Teen, barely starting his life
he was murdered in cold blood.
Zimmerman, i’ve been reconsidering,
it’s pretty disheartening
One bad white man
and trayvon had to fight for his life
This isn’t a joke,
You didn’t have a knife,
You had a gun,
He tried to run
But that country is a mess
Forget the flag, forget the fucking pledge
That piece of human garbage-the president;
is about to be tipped over the edge
No, there isn’t a flaw in the system, the flaw IS the system,
If he’d just sit down and listen
But he can’t.
That man is not a man he is a child.
How can he run our country,
the country is fucked up
And because of it innocent people are dying on its unforgiving hands
In its unforgiving lands
and there’s no going back
The stack has stacked on stack
on stack on stack
It’s about to topple over so

watch your back

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