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Tuesday, 23 June 2020



She’s my granny, my nan,
my number one fan,
when I say I can’t do it
she tells me I can.

When I pen a nice rhyme
to deposit online
and no one reacts,
she’ll opine that it’s fine.

She’ll say I’m the best
so I best not get stressed.
With a groupie like her
I confess I am blessed. 

She’s my granny, my nan,
I’m her man, she’s my stan
on Twitter and Facebook
and on Instagram.

Whenever I’m lewd
or I’m crude or a pseud,
she’ll still click on ‘like’
so I feel like a dude.

She don’t know the lingo
or understand slang,
she votes for the people
my verses harangue 

but her love for me?
She can’t help but show it,
for I am her hero,
her grandson: the poet.

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