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Sunday, 7 June 2020


Boris is doing a wonderful job!
Tune out from the bleat of the bloodthirsty mob
with their radical outlook and bleak propaganda.
Ignore what they tell you. Don’t listen. Don’t pander.

Consider the things that the man has to do!
Imagine the grind that he has to go through!
He’s in charge of the nation, directing the land
and with all things considered his effort is grand.

Yes Boris is having a blistering gig.
So what if his barnet resembles a wig?
So what if he mumbles and fumbles and blusters?
Who cares if he whiffles and piffles and flusters?

You have to remember that he is the boss.
He carries the weight of a sizeable cross;
a terrible burden he hoists with aplomb.
The war that he fights is a modern-day Somme. 

Boris is playing a ripping good set.
He has things in order. Don’t worry! Don’t fret!
Cold-shoulder the lefties: they moan and they smell,
whilst Boris the Brave rides his horses through Hell. 

For no other leader has had it this tough,
but Boris is made of implacable stuff.
He’ll batter this bug with a cock of his hat. 
Don’t you just love him?
I jest he’s a twat.

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