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Saturday, 25 January 2020

Monday, 20 January 2020



Never lick a cactus
Never hug a skunk
Never munch a mattress
Never mug a monk

Never kick a canteloupe
Never wreck a rock
Never axe an antelope
Never slurp a sock

Never swim in lava
Never tickle frogs
Never poke your father
Never pickle dogs

Never nudge a garden gnome
Never bark at Miss
Never read a poem
As ridiculous as this

writing idea: what else should one never do? Your list could rhyme, or not!

Sunday, 12 January 2020


This poem isn’t funny. 
It involves no comedy,
even if you read it
while you’re hanging from a tree. 

It has no funny elements.
It will not make you laugh,
even were a monkey
to declaim it in the bath. 

This poem has no giggles
and contains no funny words,
like ‘bippy’, ‘blimp’ or ‘blabbermouth’
or ‘nincompoop’ or ‘nerd’. 

It’s really not amusing
and won’t make you feel happy. 
You’re likelier to get your jollies
from a dirty nappy. 

Yes if you want a chuckle
then you’d best consult a clown. 
This poem isn’t funny;
it will only bring you down.