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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Awesome poem from one of my recent workshops

 Blue by Beatrix, Year 5

I’m blue

Right now i’m surfing but

when I feel dumb I can be ink in school

uniform and learn algebra and comprehension

When I feel dangerous I can turn into 

a huge wave or rain and

flood a city in five minutes

When things seem blurry

I can go into a new born child

and see the world better

When I feel crazy I can turn into

a rock star’s dyed hair or their guitar

When I feel calm

I could make a flower bloom

When I feel tense I turn into

a yoga mat and watch people

do amazing things 

If I want to see everyone I go to the sky

When I need energy I go to a river

I feel power sometimes 

and when the day is up

I go with the other colours 

to watch the sun set.

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