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Tuesday, 8 November 2016


I am writing this in anticipation of the results of the American Presidential election. In today's workshops, I asked students to imagine would they would do if they were in charge of things. Here are a couple of poems that resulted (the first one is by me)

If I Was Prime Minister

If I was Prime Minister
walks would be compulsory –
at least an hour a day.

If I was Prime Minister
all we’d ever do
is run around and play.

If I was Prime Minister
fetch would be
our national sport.

If I was Prime Minister
question time would be
very short. (And loud.)

If I was Prime Minister
I’d put all criminals
on a tight leash.

If I was Prime Minister
I’d growl a lot
and bare my teeth.

If I was Prime Minister
I’d be big and bold
and bad.

But will I ever be
Prime Minister?
You must be BARKING mad.

 I Will by Sathana (Year 9)

I will introduce a system called ‘No GCSEs’
I will have every front door decorated with bluebells
I will

I will vanish homework
I will make people sell fruit smoothies
at the end of each road
I will

Vote for me and I will promise to you these things
Vote for me and life will be so much easier
Vote for me and I’ll find ways to improve society
for everyone
I will

Everyone has zeal
Everyone has potential
So why not me?
Why not you?
Why not try?
Not trying to be quarrelsome
Just trying to make a slight difference
And also remember
That I will.

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