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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Every so often a student writes a poem in one of my workshops that makes me think that, were my career to end tomorrow, it would have been worth it. I'd like to share an amazing poem written by one of my students during my weekly poetry lunch club. We were writing poems comprised of sayings, based on this poem of mine and the poem 'Parents' Sayings' by Michael Rosen. These poems are humorous, but Safiyah took a different tack:

Things My Depression Says by Safiya (Year 9)

Do you really need a life?

You want to die, I know it
Pick that knife up and slit your throat
Ever day’s a disaster
End it, just end it
There’s no point
There’s no one there for you
No friends, no family
Why don’t you end your suffering?
These are things that my depression says
But I don’t care…
I won’t listen!

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