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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

[CENSORED] - fun poetry activity


The xxxxx in this xxxxx are not very xxxx
Like xxxxx and xxxxxx and xxxxx and xxxx

If you xxxxx it you just might be xxxxxx or xxxxx
And then you will xxxxx because of the xxxxxx

Beware of the xxxxx or xxxxxx xxxxxx
It’s not xxxxx houses xxxxxx big xxxxxx

xxxxxx goats xxxxxx licks xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx
Eleven xxxxxx never xxxxxxxx stretch

xxxxxx bat xxxxxx complain xxxxx soup
Weirdly, xxxxx never xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx

So if you xxxxxx and then xxxxxxx xxxxxx
Remember to xxxxxx so that xxxxxxxx aubergine.

*some of the words in this poem have been blanked out by MI5 for security reasons. Can you fill them in?

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