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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Fantastic Poems From My Lunch Club

I am very pleased to be back working at Plashet School, having worked there last year as a Spoken Word Educator. I ran my first lunch club of the term yesterday, and was delighted that almost all of the following I had gathered last year decided to return. In a testament to the skills they have acquired, I didn't need to give them many writing prompts or to set up elaborate activities; after a brief discussion about what they got up to during their holidays, I let them loose on the writing. Some girls decided to write about an activity they undertook during the holidays, and others just, well, wrote about whatever they wanted. Here are two fantastic examples:

Rollercoaster by Leila

Ready to step on
Staff patrolling
Checking if it’s safe
You can hear the people
As soon as they get off
People come eagerly rushing
To get on
You can hear the man saying
Are you ready?
YESSS! They scream
It’s too late to get off
WOOO! They scream
As it goes down
Faster than a motor bike
Then it’s all over

All About Me by Dina

I am like a mango birthday cake
Exploding with flavour
One fact is anger and happiness are my best friends
But now tasting the cake I feel bitter and characterless
The cook book about me is opening
It’s begging
It’s time, get ready
Embracing my life for new, fresh ingredients
Here they are:
100 grams of fun exploding with anxiousness
2g of sadness: a pinch of salt
200gs of British attitude and language
Poetry, drama and history gives my cake a boost
Sugar and milk
And one thing I love is ice cream
This is my life
What is yours?

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