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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Refugee Poems

Inspired by the heartbreaking events which daily unfold on our newscreens, pupils at my weekly lunchtime poetry group have been writing refugee poems. I shared with them three poems, by Michael Rosen, Martha Sprackland and 9-year-old Lamiya Safarova. After a brief discussion, I asked pupils to write poems from the perspective of a refugee. Some used their imaginations, whilst others based their pieces on real experiences. I'm excited to share the results:

The Refugee Girl by Vanshika
I saw a girl who twinkled
She had a smile on her face
But from the inside she was glum
And full of sorrow
I tried to ask her but she would never say
Why she feels this way

The next day

I saw her sitting on the bench crying
When I asked her what’s the matter
She said
I am a refugee girl
And I hate being this person

Refugee Poem by Sakai

I sit on the bench which is broken in half
I stare at the empty bottle wanting for more water
I think about my family
Helping them to come for me
But no one knows I’m here
Because I am a refugee

Refugee Poem by Mahveen

I can see across the land, everyone upset
Determined but strong.

I can smell the smoke from the ashes
That came from down the road

I can hear my people screaming in fear,
Love and joy

I can taste the bitterness coming from this town,
Oh how I can’t wait to find home

I can feel myself being pulled
Into something different, something new.

Refugee Poem by Saniya

Life is an endless chase
Running from place to place
Our families scattered and torn
Oh Lord, why was this evil ever born?
I’m tired of this game of cat and mouse
I want a place to call my house

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