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Monday, 9 February 2015

Growing Up - Poems By Year 8 Girls

One of my favourite poems is 'On Turning Ten' by Billy Collins. In the light of this, I asked some Year 8 girls to write poems about their own perceptions of growing up. Some wonderful poems were produced. For me, these poems were interesting in that they afforded an insight into young people's deepest thoughts and fears. Below are three poems produced by the girls. I chose them not because they were the best, but because they demonstrate a range of styles, viewpoints and tones.

Growing Up by Annum
“Girls and boys”, the teacher used to say.
Now I’m 12, in secondary,
the teachers say “young ladies.”

It was me and my sister
with the title ‘young ones’,
but now the spotlight has been taken
by the power of a young boy.

In primary I called my parents
‘mummy and daddy’.
Now when I mention them
it’s ‘mum’ and ‘dad’.

I used to believe the tooth fairy
was how I got my pocket money,
but now I get my money directly.
It’s plain old boring.

I had these imaginary monsters
under my bed;
now it is plain old socks and shoes
I forgot to put in the washing basket.

I enter this big place of education,
leaving the little one behind.

The whole world puts on a serious face.

Being Young by Amirah

I loved the way I used to be able to get away with not folding my clothes,
Just because I was young.
I loved the way Saturday chores didn’t exist,
Just because I was young.
I loved the way people used to pay attention to me,
Just because I was young.
I loved the way people never used to rely on me,
Just because I was young.
I sometimes hear that growing up is like a rollercoaster,
With many ups and downs,
As difficult as a never-ending Rubix cube.
I look forward to growing up.
I should probably get used to the many changes
Which occur through the rest of my life,
Even though I may not like how things are changing.

Growing Up by Momina

From 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 –
It’s not as easy as walking through a door.
It can be scary but it can be fun.

You change…
You like new things,
You try new things.

But some things will always stay the same:

You still don’t tidy your room.
You’re still horrible to your siblings…

And that’s the best part.

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