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Thursday, 30 April 2015

JEALOUSY - fab poems by Year 9 students

About a year ago I posted on this blog a lesson plan on the theme of 'jealousy'. The lesson was based around the poem 'The Jealous Ones' by Jacob Sam-La Rose. As sometimes happens, it was a while before I actually got round to using the lesson idea myself. I am very pleased to be able to report that the lesson was a success, and resulted in some wonderful poetry by my students. Here are two poems on the theme of 'jealousy' that I'd like to share.

Jealous by Sadiyya
You have your flaws and your ups and downs
But still you have so much better qualities than me
My eyes have never been as bright as yours
Nor my smile so perfect like the sun in the morning sky
When I walk into a room heads don’t turn
Yet when you do all eyes are on you
And through all your flaws you shine and burn with confidence
Why can I not be like you?
I stand at the back of the class
Watching as you talk to all the others, laughing, smiling,
And I observe you, trying to learn how to do it
Though deep in my heart, I know no matter how much I try,
You will always be your confidence self
And I will always be the wanna be girl.

Jealousy by Shawmia

What is jealousy?
Jealousy is what?
I, I just don’t know how to explain it…
It is like sinister is injected into something so gullible,
However, it has a lot more to it,
More hate, more annoyance going on…
Jealousy is like the poisonous green juice extracted
From envy which grows day by day abruptly,
Jealousy is now stabbing me one by one,
Jealousy gives me a feeling of deathliness,
It’s an emotion of perish,
But I will tell you one thing…
Jealousy is harsh and addictive,
Like the methamphetamine which devours through a human
And decays them…
I am now telling you…
Do not fall into the trap of jealousy,
It will make you suffer like you are in a great dilemma
Of choosing one of your beloved.
Prepare to loose and pass every second of your life hatredly.

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