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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

MY FIRST - fab poems from students

Life is full of many 'first times', both good and bad'. My First...' is therefore a really good theme for poetry writing. I'd like to share some examples of 'My First' poems written by girls at my Spoken Word Club. The poems were written in the light of my piece 'I'm New Here' (shared below), and the girls were encouraged to use lots of sensory details. I have chosen the pieces not because I think they are the best (although they are very good!) but in the spirit of democracy - my last blog piece featured poems by Malaika and Misma; today's features pieces by Selin and Zahrah.*

My First Day at Secondary School by Selin
I’m alone, sitting in class by myself
People shouting at my back, having fun
Kids sharing sweets with their friends, none for me
It’s playtime. Kids are very happy, their eyes shining
The happiness of the kids is breaking my heart
Being alone is just so hard
Playtime’s over and my life’s over
Kids pushing and ruching into me being heartless
Again I’m alone.

The First Time Going to Hospital to Visit My Sister by Zahrah
The first time, the first time I walked in,
to the empty hospital sitting there
waiting for the call,
I see people miming
Help me! I don’t want to go!

As my mum comes out to see my agony
on my face, she smiles and
walks me to the room.

The delicate feather, waiting to be
touched on the woolly hand.
As I take her hand, smiling with delight,
I felt like I was touching a soft toy duck.

But my hand is pulled by the nasty nurse.
Grabs my elbows,
As my tears run down my cheek.

I’m New Here by Joshua Seigal
The students are lining up for lunch.
I don’t know whether to wait with them
or to push to the front,
like the other teachers do.
I’m new here.
It’s my first day of school.

The dinner lady tells me to step forward,
to the top of the queue.
She spoons me an extra large portion,
with four potatoes.
The students get two.

They sit in rows at long tables,
locked in conversation
like two sides of a zip.
I’m the only one who chose fruit salad
instead of chocolate cake.
I find an empty space.

I’m new here.
It’s my first day of school.

They’re prodding each other,
debating where to sit.
They eye the seats around me
and decide they’d rather stand. 
One of them cracks a joke,
then they all start laughing.

And I’m ten years old again,

no one to talk to, wanting to belong
more than anything else in the world.
I’m ten years old again,
whispered comments prickling at my back;
my very skin an ill-fitting uniform.

I’m ten years old again,
the new kid
on my first day of school,
my eyes searchlighting the exits,
desperate to run away.  

I take my tray
and eat in the staffroom.

I’m new here.
* other 'My Firsts' written about by the group were: 'my first pet' (Asilah), 'the first time I sang in front of people' (Tanima), 'my first day in Year 4' (Malaika), 'the first time I met my baby cousin' (Misma), 'the first time I went to the zoo' (Siqa) 

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