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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Lemurs - workshop idea and poem for Foundation and KS1


Lively lemur leaping
in the branches of the tree

Lazy lemur lying
down and sleeping happily

Lucky lemur licking
at a luscious little leaf

Loving lemur latching
to her mother underneath

Little lemur laughing
having lots of fun today

Lonely lemur longing
for a friend to come and play. 

This poem can be used to model both alliteration and adjective-noun-verb constructions for very little children. After performing the poem a couple of times, perhaps encouraging the children to perform the appropriate actions, children can think of their own imaginative animal based alliterative constructions based on those in the poem. For example:

tiny tiger trembling
gigantic giraffe juggling
wacky wombat whistling
colourful crocodile crunching

You can either collect a list of these to form a poem in itself, or you can take a few and add an object in the manner of the poem above. The activity can be done as shared writing or individual writing (or both). Have fun!

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