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Tuesday, 2 August 2022


We’re going off on holiday. 

We’re up at half-past four. 

Mum wrestles with the cases

as she heaves them out the door. 

“It’s good to be on time”, says Nan. 

“We mustn’t get there late.”

We cram into the taxi

in a rather tired state. 

All along the motorway

they worry, fuss and fret. 

Nan double checks the boarding passes.

Mum begins to sweat. 

“It’s crucial to be punctual”,

Mum says. Nan nods her head. 

“That’s why it was so early

when we all got out of bed.”

We turn up at the airport

with our nerves all shot and frayed.

A sign is up to greet us

when we get there: