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Tuesday, 12 May 2020


I’ll go head to head with a grizzly bear
I’ll dance around in my underwear
I’ll sit in an electric chair
But I’ll never, ever fly Ryanair

I’ll drink ten vodkas for a dare
I’ll face a dragon in her lair
I’ll pluck off all my pubic hair
But I’ll never, ever fly Ryanair

I’ll have an affair with a French au pair 
I’ll cross the road without due care
I’ll worship the devil and offer a prayer
But I’ll never, ever fly Ryanair

I’ll display my arse with great fanfare
I’ll download dubious software
I’ll choke to death on a prickly pear
But I’ll never, ever fly Ryanair

Yes they fill me with utmost disdain
I flew with them once but never again
There’s only pain, there is no gain
So I’ll never step foot
on a Ryanair plane. 

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