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Tuesday, 31 March 2020


The poem above is published in my latest book, Welcome To My Crazy Life (Bloomsbury). The other day I set a challenge on Twitter. I shared the poem, and encouraged children to come up with poems using their own 'silly similes'. I didn't set any more rules, I just waited to see what weird and wonderful ideas would results. I am delighted to say that many children got in touch with their own poems, and I am honoured to be able to share some up the results!

First up is Ashlynn, age 12, from Wisconsin USA:

Wonderful stuff! Next up is Ashlynn's sister Brooklynn, age 10:

Next, please give a big round of applause for Anna, age 9:

And let's hear it for Henry, age 7:

Let's hear it for Liberty, age 10!

And finally, a great big cheer for Lincoln, age 10. 

Silly Similes

As heavy as a flea,
As round as a box,
As as big as a pea,
As dumb as a fox.

As tasty as sand,
As square as a mule,
As quiet as a band,
As smart as a fool.

As flat as a ball,
As hot as ice,
As quiet as a call,
As giant as rice.

As friendly as a foe,
As tiny as a book,
As black as snow, 
As blunt as a hook.

As handsome as a squint,
As dry as the sea,
As slow as a sprint,
As boring as me.

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