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Friday, 7 December 2018


One of my very favourite poems is 'On Turning Ten' by Billy Collins. Yesterday I worked with a group of students in Years 7, 8 and 9 at County Upper School in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, using this poem as a starting place to think of issues surrounding growing up and getting older. A fantastically broad range of viewpoints and emotions was expressed, and I'm delighted to share a selection of the wonderful poems that were produced!

Growing Up by Evie

Growing up is like a piece of paper,
Filling up with the words of your life.
Everyone says that you’re the one who controls it,
The one who grips the pen.

When we are younger we make our adventures
But they’re not real.
Travelling round the world as we charge round the playground.
It gives us a wonderful feeling.

Now we can actually make it a reality,
We finally have the chance.
But will we finally follow these dreams
Or change the steps of life’s dance?

It’s down to us
But what should we do?
Which way is right
To get us through?

We’ll have to see what happens.

I Want to Be by Rowan

I want to be an astronaut
to explore the deep, dark space.
I want to be a fisherman
to catch millions of plaice.
I want to be a scientist,
to find out where and when and why.
I want to be a doctor,
to help people live and not die.
I want to be an artist,
to create to my heart’s content.
I want to be a therapist,
telling people it’s OK to be spent.
I want to be a florist
to watch the flowers bloom.
I want to be a vicar,
to get rid of the doom and gloom.
I want to be a chef,
putting food on others’ plates.
I want to be successful,
but for now I’ll have to wait.

Growing Up by Anika

I used to think that growing up
meant being big and strong.
I used to think that growing up
meant never being wrong.
I used to think that being old
meant following your dreams,
but now I know that growing up
is just not what it seems.

I used to think that growing up
meant never feeling sad.
I used to think that growing up
meant never being bad.
I used to think that growing old
made money grow on trees,
but now I know that thinking that
brings your whole world to its knees.

I used to think that growing up
meant getting rid of toys.
I used to think that growing up
meant hanging out with boys.
I used to think that being old
made troubles go away.
But now I know that everything
led to me today.

The Good Ole Days by Anonymous - the poet forgot to put their name on it!

As a baby I screamed
As a toddler I cried
As a child I whined
As a teen I moaned
As an adult I grumbled
As an elder I reminisced
About the good ole days...


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