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Thursday, 11 May 2017


These poems were written by students at my weekly lunch club. There were no models or stimuli; I just told them it was Mental Health Awareness Week and to write what they were feeling. Whether or not the poems below use a degree of poetic licence, I think we can tell that we are in the midst of a mental health crisis.

Poem by Aleeza

On the outside I’m happy
Sometimes slightly snappy
Inside I feel dead
My soul is locked up in a shed
Happiness is drifting away
Why can’t it stay
Friends cheering me up
But it doesn’t feel enough
One day will come
To bring back the happy sun

Poem by Maiya

They go around the ocean
I am the prey of the sea monsters
I am the victim of people

Voices by Safiyah

The voices tell me no one cares
About me and my stories
The voices tell me I should go
On a stabbing spree with myself
The voices tell my head
To have a headache and stress
The voices make me see things
Like people in empty cars
The voices tell me things
I don’t want to hear
These voices
Are my depression

Poem by Aaysha

Show happiness from the outside
Smile and wave
Inside it’s hell
Pain and sadness
Heart shattered
But can’t let anyone know
Keeping a dark secret
People drifting away
The world upside down
Loneliness is haunting
Life is not worth it
Memories gone
Gone forever
Holding it in
The day will come
Without me knowing
I will fall in a black hole of emptiness forever

I will be waiting.

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