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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

IF I WAS A FOOD - workshop idea

Earlier this month I shared a workshop idea based on 'If I was an animal'. This general idea can apply almost to an infinite number of things. In yesterday's poetry lunch club at Plashet School, where I regularly work, we wrote poems about food. The format I provided was based on the template 'if I was a food I would be...', but pupils were as ever to take this idea in any number of directions. Here are a selection of poetical ideas that emerged.

If I was a food I would be a pineapple
Sweet and sour, hard to cut
My hair a volcano of greenery
My skin full of spikes
No one can touch me
I'm fierceful [sic]

by Eliona Year 7

If I was a fruit I would be a mango
Rough to cut but soft and sweet
on the inside.
A hard heart inside but a sweet flavour
in the middle
A tropical flavour to show
the unique difference in me

by Farha Year 7

Varieties of taste
Are not my style
I wanted to be simple
but I had a failure
of being simple
of a same taste
same, simple life
Today I was asked
What am I
If I was a food
And if I was a food
I'd be a soft smooth bun
Which has the same taste
I wouldn't be unique
I wouldn't be anyone's saviour
I'd be normal
Finally normal

by Taniya Year 9

If I was a food I would be couscous
because I can be sweet and sometimes salty
If I was a food I'd be an onion pastry
because I have a weird personality
If I was a food I would be a chicken burger
because I'm a very filling person
If I was a food I would be a potato salad
because I can be nice however a bit jumbled with mixed colourful emotions.

by Safiyah Year 9

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