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Friday 9 September 2016

New Book Is 'Book Of The Week'

This week saw the release of my first book with a major publisher - I Don't Like Poetry. (That's the title of the book, not a bald statement of fact.) I am regretting now that I didn't add 'I love it' as a subtitle, but hey ho - I will try to get Bloomsbury to rectify this when the book is reprinted.

I am very excited to have my words (dis)grace the shelves of major bookshops, and hopefully the bedrooms, bathrooms, attics and sheds of many homes. I am also delighted to say that the magazine The Week Junior (not 'The Weak Junior'; that would be a very different type of magazine) have made my book 'book of the week':

very exciting. Also, I recently went into the Bloomsbury offices to record some videos to promote the book. We recorded five in total, and are strategically staggering their release. Here are two that have been released so far:

enjoy, my pretties! Enjoy! mwahaha