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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Crows - New Poem

I recently took part in a fantastic workshop by Becci Fearnley, who came to help at the school where I am Poet in Residence. Becci worked with Year 9 to explore the concept of metaphor. She asked us to think of different emotions, and which animals might represent them. I wrote the following poem. (NB no Game of Thrones reference is intended.)

The Crows

The crows are coming.
I know they are.

The sky wraps itself
in a cloak of cloud.

The clouds are pregnant
with thoughts of rain.

The rain locks lightning
in its jaws

and the crows are coming.
I know they are.

Someone, somewhere
gongs a mountain.

The mountains try
to contain their cackles.

Trees sharpen branches,
ready for war.

Yes the crows are coming.

I know they are.

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