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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Year 4 Students Win Poetry Slam

I am delighted to report that the group of Year 4 students with whom I recently worked at St John's Walham Green Primary School, Fulham, won 'Best Performance' at the Verse vs Verse poetry slam, organised by Eastside Educational Trust. They should be very proud of themselves! Here is their fantastic poem:

A Piece of Respect St Johns
Be respectful, don’t bully
Be respectful, don’t be silly!
It’s not good, it’s not nice
So don’t even dare to roll the dice!

I am a victim, you spit in my face
Being a big disgrace
Punching my belly whilst I eat jelly
Punching my nose, kicking my toes
I don’t like this at all!


I am a bully, I don’t care
I’m being mean and pulling hair
I am a bully, you can’t stop me
‘Cause I’m everywhere don’t you see?
I am a bully, I enjoy what I do
I’ve got my target and today it’s you!


What are you doing? Don’t do that!
You know why and I’ll tell you that
It’s not nice to be mean
It’s not nice to be rude
It’s not nice to punch and slap
It’s not nice to kick or imitate
It’s not nice to be a bully
Because people will get quite upset! 


Well if you won’t listen
You’ll have problems in life
You’re really annoying and ruining my life
It doesn’t matter ‘cause I don’t care
Shut up or I’ll get my knife! 


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