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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Patron Of Reading, pt2: Poetry With Year 8 at Stalham High

Yesterday I posted on my blog a brief report of my first visit to Stalham High School, Norfolk, as their new Patron Of Reading. I shared some lovely work that was done by Year 7 during my visit. During my visit I also worked with a small group of Year 8 students, who wrote poems about wishes. As with Year 7 I was struck by their quirky, often surreal sense of humour. Here are some of their lovely poems:

I wish I could fly! (By Ben)

I wish I could fly,
Escape the sly,
The ones who make me down,
and frown.
If I could fly,
I would never need a plane.
No passport,
no more.
When I fly,
I will fly with an eagle,
carrying a lamb,
And some airborne ham.

I wish…(By Will)

I wish I lived in America or Australia,
I could go “down under”  in Australia
With the cool kangaroo in the outback,
And spend a night in its pouch.
Then get the kangaroo to dig through the earth,
So I can reach America.
And tan myself until I look like a bronze statue,
Then parade myself through the streets in a Ferrari.
This is how I want to live.

I wish I had a pet leopard (By Sam)

I wish I had a pet leopard.
Not a lion.
Not a tiger.
Not a lemur.
But a leaopard.
That eats annoying mice

and pedestrians

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