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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Reflections On Book Week 2014

On March 6th it was World Book Day. This meant that I had a very busy week, visiting lots of schools who decided to turn the entire week into 'book week' or 'literacy week' or similar. On Tuesday I visited Barnes Farm Infant School in Chelmsford, on Wednesday I went to Ashwell Primary in Hertfordshire, on Thursday I went to St Mary's Primary (also in Hertfordshire), and on Friday I visited Preston Park in Brent, London. I had a wonderful time in each of these schools, and I made sure to do different workshops each day, as I wanted to keep things fresh and interesting for myself. Highlights of the week included:

  • Being persistently called Ooshus Magooshus by the pupils at Barnes Farm
  • Being presented with a wonderful book of poetry written by pupils at Ashwell, using this poem of mine to inspire them. (I unwittingly replicated the activity during one of my workshops, and the pupils were great sports in going along with it!)
  • Writing poems about embarrassing moments with Year 5 at Preston Park, and showing them this hilarious viral video. One of the children laughed so hard he fell off his chair.
  • Selling almost 100 books during the course of the week. 
  • Writing 'poetry is' poems with St Mary's pupils, and receiving this lovely thank you email from their teacher, which almost brought a tear to my eye:

Well what can I say?
Poetry is a fruitful day at school
Poetry is a happy class
Poetry is "Thankyou " from colleagues
Poetry is a sunny day
Poetry is in the smile of a child
Poetry is in us all!
Poetry is when we all realise it!
Poetry is a thankyou
Poetry is a special thanks
To you

A truly lovely, albeit exhausting week. I've written these things down in part as a reminder to myself, for when I get disillusioned or depressed, that the work I do emphatically does have value. 

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