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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Special Poem For Barnes Farm Infant School, Chelmsford

My website states that, if a school books me to run a day on a specific theme, then I will write that school a special poem on that theme. Next week I am visiting Barnes Farm Infant School in Chelmsford, Essex, whose Literacy Week focuses on the theme of 'jungle'. Behold, then, this poem, written especially for them.

My Neighbour Owns a Lion

My neighbour owns a lion
It lives out in his shed
I sometimes hear it roaring
When I’m lying in my bed
It roams among the flowers
It paces up and down
My neighbour’s lion surely is
The only one in town
Sometimes he plays fetch with it
But not with sticks, with logs
He doesn’t feed it from a tin
He feeds it cats and dogs
The lion’s always hungry
It prowls in search of prey
In fact my neighbour’s lion
Caught a burglar yesterday
My neighbour owns a lion
It’s ready to attack
But my ball is in his garden –
Will you help me get it back?