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Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Poem By Ruby, From Heathside School

I have had a very busy week, visiting lots of schools for National Poetry Day. On Tuesday I visited Parkgate House School in Clapham; on Wednesday I visited Mandeville Primary School in Hackney, and on Thursday I visited Heathside School in Hampstead. I had a wonderful time at each of these schools, and was delighted to be made to feel so welcome.

I am especially delighted to say that my visit to Heathside inspired Ruby Kingsley Jones to write a great poem, which she sent me yesterday. I especially like this poem because it speaks to my slightly silly sense of humour. It is a poem which I would have been proud to call my own! Here is Ruby's poem:

I Think My Cat's A Dog

I think my  cats a dog,
I really,really do,
He's eaten up a catalog,
And attacked my mums best shoes!

I think my cats a dog,
I promise you i do!
He tried to chew a log,
And licked a bowl clean of stew,

I think my cats a dog,
This is completely true,
He followed my friend to synagogue cat is jumping up and he a kangaroo

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